DWI accident leaves two dead in Fort Worth

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By: Phil Mayer
POSTED: JUN 07 2017 10:55AM CDT
UPDATED: JUN 08 2017 07:01AM CDT

Fort Worth police say a man was drunk and speeding from a minor crash when he collided with an older couple near the Euless border Tuesday evening.

38-year-old Kevin Jernigan is charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter. Police say he didn’t stop after having one crash and then crashed again, killing two people.

Images taken by people who arrived moments after the crash show the impact was terrible.

“It looked like something that you would see on the highway or something,” said witness Al Alexander. “The carnage of the wreckage was just unbelievable.”

Fort Worth police say the crash killed 80-year-old Louise Hudson and her 79-year-old husband James Hudson.

Police arrested Jernigan on two counts of intoxication manslaughter. They said he took off from a minor accident in a red 2001 Ford pickup and went a short way before hitting the Hudson’s 2009 silver Kia at the intersection of Pipeline and Euless Main Street.

“The driver side looked like it was pushed to the passenger side,” Alexander said. “It was just unbelievable for a 35-40 mph street.”

Police haven’t said exactly how fast Jernigan was going when he blew the four-way stop and hit the Hudsons.

People who live nearby say they can tell from the damage it was way too fast for the neighborhood.

Records show Jernigan has prior convictions for drugs and evading arrest.

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